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About the Author CLAUDIO SCHUFTAN MD Saigon, Vietnam
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Claudio Schuftan is a freelance public health consultant in Ho Chi Minh City and an ex-adjunct associate professor in the Department of International Health of the Tulane School of Public Health, USA. He is a Chilean national and got his M.D. degree in his native country.

Since 1975 he has been working on nutrition, primary health care and human rights issues in more than 50 countries the world over. From 1988-1995 he worked in Kenya. Since 1995, he lives in Vietnam and consults worldwide. He started working on human rights issues in the late 90s and is the author of an occasional column, the Human Rights Reader (over 300 of these Readers can be found under No. 69 in this website).

Most importantly, he is one of the founding members of the People's Health Movement.


HR Readers

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